Renewable energy integration

Renewable energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy are intermittent and difficult to predict precisely. As for the grid-connected new energies represented by wind and solar energy, the power grid is like the heart of the human body, which has the maximum capacity to bear the external impact. Once the ceiling capacity is exceeded, it will be difficult to completely integrate renewable energies. With the large-scale energy storage devices, it is possible to increase the tracking capability of renewable energy power plants, and store the power from renewable energy, through which the power supplies hard to regulate can be converted to valuable and reliable power supplies. The large-scale energy storage devices can not only solve the issue of integrating the wind and solar power into grids connection of new energies, and make great contributions to peak load shifting, but also support the safe operation of power grid. In addition, the large-scale energy storage devices store the renewable energy a…

Project Applications

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