QC System

ISO9001 quality management scheme is as playing an important role in the production and operation of enterprises, which can help promote the healthy development of enterprises. For a long time, Rongke Power has paid great attention to  QC system, as is mainly reflected in the following areas:

1. Enhance the competence of products.
ISO9001  management scheme imposes strict quality control standard on products as an international product quality inspection standard. Complying with this international standard can help improve the quality of products and better adapt to international trade. The certification of this scheme goes throughout the entire production and sales processes, through which the products can be tracked and information can be timely sent back, thus improve the product quality and enhance the company competence.

2. Improve corporate image
ISO9001   management scheme is authoritative in enterprise evaluation. The production, operation and product quality of the enterprises passing the certification of this system are assured, which can to help to improve the image and competitiveness of enterprises to some extent. In addition, with the development of international trade, international trade barriers become gradually harsh, which affects the competitiveness of enterprises to a certain extent. With the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, the international trade barriers can be alleviated and issues in trade can be solved, which help enterprises to expand in a broad horizon.

3. Upgrade the production management capabilities
ISO9001  management scheme imposes  strict requirements product not only on quality, but also on production technology. If the enterprises want to get their certifications, they need to continuously improve their product quality, production technology and processes, which is the driving force for constant optimization.

4. Improve enterprise service level
ISO9001 management scheme also plays its role in assessment and tracking of service.  It helps  detect product quality problems, as is very important for the management improvement of enterprises. With the increasingly fierce competition, the service level of enterprises has gradually drawn attentions. With the supervision and management of ISO9001, the enterprises can be more sensitive to improve service levels of enterprises and achieve healthy development.

5. Optimize development environment

Today, the enterprise development environment becomes more market-oriented. Enterprises need to win a place in the competitive environment. The implementation of ISO9001 management scheme will help enterprises to adapt to international management concepts, and go global, and performing their competence in the market worldwide.

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