Operation and maintenance of power plant

• Customer training:

Customers can not always receive on-site training at any time. With the monitoring center, we upload training materials related to operation, maintenance and safety online. Communicate with customers to ensure that customers can use the equipment efficiently, and thus minimize the labor cost and save time.Rongke Power has designed a complete remote monitoring system, capable of real-time monitoring of the overall operation of various projects, to help customers better use energy storage system. Through the 24-hour continuous monitoring at the corporate center, the energy storage system of Rongke Power can do well as the followings:

• Fast response:

In case of system failure on project site, with the help of monitoring center, the operation and maintenance department of Rongke Power will identify the  failure cause in the shortest possible  time, and send staff to help customers (owner) resolve problems on site;

• Remote service:

In case of the battery storage system is in need of maintenance, but the operators are not available on site, the monitoring center can launch the remote control function. At the monitoring center, we can provide remote instructions remotely to the customer in immediate troubleshooting of battery storage system;

• Real-time data:

The specific parameters in start and stop of energy storage system on site, system operating state, charging and discharging curve can all be acquired in real-time. Such data collected on each project site will be sorted and organized at the database center of Rongke Power. These data can facilitate our R&D team to conduct data analysis, provide support to the operation and maintenance personnel in system upgrade, and ultimately enhance the reliability of the project operation.

Monitoring Center

Real-time Monitor


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