Energy storage solution

Rongke Power is an important participant in the global energy storage industry. Our team is formed by high-end talents in the global energy storage industry, which can provide customers with the exclusive energy storage solution. The company is one of the most valuable energy storage solution providers in China's energy storage industry.  Taking advantage of its leading technology in the industry and the elite team, Rongke Power develop and implement the highly efficient energy storage solutions for customers. So far, Rongke Power’s energy storage solutions have been playing an important role in large-scale peak shifting power plants, smart micro grids, grid-connected new energy and user-side energy storage.

Our energy storage solutions are applied to peak load shifting, frequency regulation. With the supporting energy storage system, they can increase the peak regulation capacity, participate in peak load shifting, improve the power supply structure, and promote energy conservation of power supply system. The energy storage system can achieve the black start, serving as the auxiliary power for the black start of regional thermal power unit and improving the reliability and cost-efficient operation of power supply;

The energy storage solutions can be applied to the grid-connected new energy, reducing the rejection of wind and PV power supply. With the supporting energy storage technology, it can effectively improve the power quality generated with renewable energy, increase the dispatchability of power generation and the acceptance capacity of power supply generated with renewable energy;

The energy storage solution applied to the smart micro grid can effectively realize the demand side management, eliminate the peak-valley difference between day and night, smooth load, which not only improve the operation efficiency of power generation equipment, reduce the cost of power supply, but also promote the utilization of renewable energy, improve power quality and system operation stability;

The energy storage solution adopted in the user-side energy storage can help users realize the peak load shifting by scheduling the energy storage system, reduce the maximum capacity demand for the power system, and reduce the actual electricity expenditure. Besides, the energy storage system can also be used as a backup power supply to improve the user's power supply quality and reliability.

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