Energy storage at users' side

Energy storage at user side is a promising market sector, in which energy storage devices can perform multiple functions. In the case of no time-of-use price, the user-side energy storage device can serve as emergency backup power in case of power interruption to provide users with uninterrupted power supply, improving power supply reliability. In the case of time-of-use price available, through peak load shifting, the user-side energy storage device can lower the electricity expenses, reduce the maximum demand capacity of users, cut basic electricity cost, improve power quality and minimize distribution loss. With the continuous increase in electricity consumption, in order to ensure the reliability of power supply, the expansion of the grid capacity is inevitable. In the same distribution grid, when the total capacity of the distributed energy storage devices installed reaches a certain scale, the peak-valley difference of the distribution grid will be reduced to a certain extent, thus delaying the expa…

Project Applications

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